President Kiir reinstated former State governor of Upper Nile and Eastern Nile State

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Former States governor Lt. Gen. Chol Thon 

Former States governor Chol Thon Balook is said to have been retrieved and is reinstate back into his Military rank within the army by South Sudan President.

Chol Thon Balook was removed by the President from the army and placed him as a governor of Upper Nile State as he was a while inactive in a Military rank of the army.

When 28 State were established, Chol Thon Balook was recommended and endorsed by the President as a governor in charge of Eastern Nile State until he was removed by Taban Deng Gai under the Addis Ababa Agreement which handed over the State to the IO group.

Taban Deng Gai then appointed rebel employed traitor group Member James Tor Monybuny under the deal that is now running the State in a failed watch status with no Public Support within the area because NO ONE WANT IO.

Chol Thon Balook’s rein-station into the Military rank of the army is welcome by the most People within Ngok Lual Yak Community but with a lot of reservations in questions.

However Ngok Lual Yak intellectuals and Critics Welcome the rein-station but have warned that the rein station of Chol Thon Balook must be taken and accepted with caution because Salva Kiir only use People for War when he’s only in crisis.

President Salva Kiir always in his deeds to our People only put us in position to use us as a shield if there is a threat of War which he had seen coming or happening and Chol Thon Balook must be careful, added the critics.