Juba residents set to receive electricity before X-Mas

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Electric Power supply Plants

Necessary preparations to ensure residents of Juba start using electricity before the end of the year is being made, according to the Minister of Energy and Dams.

All machines and equipment required are in place, and the engineers will be arriving in the country next Friday, said Dr Dhieu Mathok.

The first testing of the power plant and the entire network will be conducted on 16 December, he added.

Dr Mathok told the Media that “we are still pushing on our timeline that we set for ourselves, that we must have to operate the existing power plant before the New Year”.

He said four engines for supplying power have already been mounted and they only need maintenance and testing.

“We already brought items which are required. The engineers are coming on Friday in order to make sure that these four engines are maintained, already the other four are stand by,” added Dr Mathok.

“So we believe that by 16th we will try to test them and then we are actually planning to see to it that by 23rd of December we want to kick off.”

In September, the minister told the Media that a new power station was being constructed by a Chinese company to supply Juba with electricity.

The station which is located in Jebel will have a capacity of 20 megawatts once completed.