IO Coordination officer bashed for running his mouth too much

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Ngok Lual Yak copy right

A coordination officer who is in charge of the State coordination office in Juba is bashed and left staggering in the coordination Office. The reason for his bashing is not yet clearly known.

However, many withheld unconfirmed sources have attributes the reason for his bashing as for running his mouth against the Community by betraying People to an IO governor who then go and betrayed people to his employer boss Taban Deng Gai.

After Taban Deng Gai received the name of those being betrayed, he will then betrayed the revealed names of the People to National Security where their name are place in a black list as wanted fugitives, added the sources.

The IO coordination officer and the IO governor have been working behind Ngok Lual Yak Public while betraying people who have an expression opinion of not wanting IO to Taban Deng Gai and to the National Security.

Such a bad act of move of betraying People who just express out their own opposing opinions of IO have been condemn by many members of Ngok Lual Yak Community as not part of their cultural tradition characters.