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Brief History About Ngok Lual Yak

Earlier History

17 centuries years ago A.D, it is believed that the People of NgokLand, the Ngok Lual Yak came on to the shore of River Nile off from the other side of the Lower Nile River. Coming from west moving to East, they came and control the whole region of Upper Nile River, Pushing out the Funj and Jur, the Achol Eliit. In 18 centuries A.D with the arrival of Nuer, Lual Yak together with his Generational Age-group and Ngok at large was force to evacuate some Areas, Areas like Gaak-yuom in Bor, Jokou in Gajaak, Pakoop in Ayuaal, Pabiech in Kongoor and Piny-Wuut. Push by Nuer along River Sobat into the Mouth of River Nile in Malakal, the people of Ngok Lual Yak become the Native owners of the Land which runs from Malakal to Domoa, Dinie and Abwong Cheng Nyankiir along the River Sobat into River Nile in Malakal. The NgokLand People lived in two systematical Division groups namely Yom and Weny. With each group being further divided into Section and again into Sub-Sections together they form a group of people known as “Ngok Lual Yak“. Ngok Lual Yak People Owned NgokLand as their distinct Soil, They had a skillfull traditional culture and a largely base regional relationship of their close spiritual bond with the land they thrived in. Early NgokLand settlers were expert in huntings, fishing, farming, pastralling and skillful in spear and stick fight. NgokLand Ownership was for the People, is by the People and will also be by the People of Ngok Lual Yak.

Ngok Lual Yak is a sub-tribe, within the Jiëŋ (Dinka) group. They are mainly found in Malakal, South Sudan and inhabit the land along the confluences of the rivers Nile and Sobat. It is believed that there are about 95,000 Ngok Lual Yak members. They are very devoted ethnics and believe in Deŋdit as their provider. READ MORE


People, Land and Earlier Immigration Groups

Ngok Lual Yak as a group is an olden Original Jieng Group. Jieng before expandable become today was in a one family form of a one man name Deng with his wife abuk. One of the myth tells that Deng after his mythical death turn to be a unreasonable phenomena thus deriving jieng to be worshipping Deng as commonly known today as Dengdit across the categories of Jieng. Another myth also explain that Deng as a rain is regard as the main source that generate water which cause the crops to grow, inwhich the Jieng People feed on hence deserve to be honour thus turn out to be the God which the Jieng worship. Facts about the Dengdit as God who jieng worship is yet to be known but Likewise to the biblical story of a human being name Adam and Eve. Deng and Abuk are the twin Zygote of Husband and wife of Jieng Origin. Deng and Abuk are also the very immediate family where Ngok People came out from. After a peroid of many years, the groups came into being. Emerging out from the family blood line as a groups, Ngok Lual Yak as a tribe branched out of Jieng group as one of the blooded family and stage out it own historical line. Expanding far from it existence under circumstance of it Rulers, Generations and Spiritual norms, Ngok Lual Yak converged into the following groups. The NgokLand People of Ngok Lual Yak are categorise as Follow;

Ngok Lual Yak

  • Yom
  • Weny


  • Tol: Awier AND Baliet
  • Yom: Duut, Balaak AND Dhiaak


  • Paan Maan Gok: Ajuba AND Adong
  • Paan Maan Weny: Abiei, Ngaar, Achaak


  • Diing

Note: Diing is also part of Weny Group but precisely maintain it long olden Name of Origin as Jookdit.