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South Sudan to restore and increase Oil productions

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High hopes for the fledgling oil sector of the world’s youngest nation evaporated when conflict erupted, forcing oil firms to shut in crude and cutting production to 130,000 barrels per day (bpd). The resumption of production must be back to where it used to be, increase in production and exploration in certain areas, these are […]

IO Coordination officer bashed for running his mouth too much

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A coordination officer who is in charge of the State coordination office in Juba is bashed and left staggering in the coordination Office. The reason for his bashing is not yet clearly known. However, many withheld unconfirmed sources have attributes the reason for his bashing as for running his mouth against the Community by betraying […]

Ngok Lual Yak Community in Kampala conducted a Cultural Show

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Ngok Lual Yak Community in Kampala have conducted and organized a welcomed, level to the participants of education. The party was organized in present of the community members and group student association dancers who are supporting their education process in Uganda. A back to student campaign will encourage students participants to avoid the misused and […]