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South Sudan refugees in Nyumanzi settlement camp riot over food

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South Sudanese refugees at Nyumanzi settlement camp on Saturday evening turned rowdy as they protested against food rationing. The refugee agencies had reportedly cut food supplies by half of what is usually given to them. Nyumanzi settlement has more than 20,000 South Sudanese refugees, who mainly depend on food distributed by World Food Programme (WFP), […]

Sudan, S. Sudan Sign Deal To Boost Oil Output

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Sudan and South Sudan have signed[1] a deal to open direct trade along the border and increase production in the oil fields in South Sudan that are currently not functioning, in an agreement that will serve as an economic lifeline to both countries. Both Sudan and South Sudan desperately need the oil and revenues, so […]

South Sudan civilians pay police for protection

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Juba residents of South Sudan’s capital say they are collecting cash to pay police unofficially to patrol their neighborhoods, amid a crime wave and a cash crunch that means authorities often cannot pay their wages. Robbers killed more than 60 people last month in Juba, twice as many as in July, according to the Community […]

Apple unveils new products, including $1000 iPhoneX

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Apple has unveiled a new flagship phone, the iPhone X, which has been described “the biggest leap forward” since the original iPhone was released 10 years ago. During an event at the new campus theater named for the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, on Tuesday, Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced the top-of-line handset the […]